We bought the Groupon and immediately were contacted via e-mail and phone over the period of about a week. However, they wanted to come the very next day while they were in the area, and we couldn’t accommodate them on such short notice. After not hearing from them for awhile, we contacted them and had a firm date picked. They never showed up!! When my husband called, we were informed that they couldn’t come to Manassas. However, he did set up a date to phone us and try to help us out over the phone. He spent several days in the evening helping us download files onto our external hard drive, which he thought would help us after hearing our “woes”. After everything was completed, he explained what the next steps should be with fixing the CPU. They were very informative and helpful. We were then informed that they would refund the $80 to us for never coming to the house!!! That is an exmple of GREAT customer service. I would highly recommend the company, as I feel they went above and beyond to help me and make me a satisfied customer.

Carolyne Sickels