I have never posted anything on the internet, but I have been a customer of Geeks and Wirelss for the past six plus years, and they are the ABSOLUTE BEST! They come to your house promotly, they are professional, they fix what you ask for, give you advice and most of all NEVER EVER TRY TO UPSELL YOU! Everything works beautifully. And the best part is, if anything goes wrong, they come back, no questions asked, no hassels, and for FREE! I live in Fairfax County near Fort Belvoir, and we dont have a lot of “upscale services” in our area. I thought that this effort would be cheaper from a national chain. When I called for an estimate, the cost was more than twice what I paid Geeks and Wireless and there were no gaurantees! And upcharges for any euipment provided! Not with Geeks and Wirless! You will NEVER EVER GO WRONG WITH ANY “IT” NEED YOU HAVE IN YOUR HOME WITH GEEKS AND WIRELESS!
Andrea D. Knowles